The GLX-D Instrument Digital Wireless System

Includes GLXD4 wireless receiver, GLXD1 bodypack transmitter, Beta 98H/C cardioid condenser instrument microphone, SB902 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charge cable and padded zipper case.
The precision-crafted Beta 98H/C flexible gooseneck microphone for brass, woodwind and percussion applications provides exceptional digital audio clarity with seamless operation.


GLXD1 Bodypack Transmitter
LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management (2.4 GHz frequency band)
Automatically links with GLX-D wireless receivers for seamless frequency changing
Up to 16 hours of continuous, rechargeable use with Shure proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Up to 200 feet (60m) operating range (line of sight)
Sophisticated design with rugged metal construction
Tactile on/off switch
Locking TQG connection for use with Shure lavalier, headset, earset and instrument microphones and guitar cables
Reversible belt clip

GLXD4 Single Channel Receiver
Hi-res LCD screen status display
Real-time battery run-time displayed in hours and minutes (accurate within +/- 15 minutes)
Remote adjustable transmitter gain control
Integrated battery charge port for proprietary Shure lithium-ion transmitter batteries, two-color charge indicator LED Green: Charged
Flashing Green: 90% charged
Red: Charging

XLR and ΒΌ inch output connectors
Lightweight, durable construction

Beta 98H/C
The Beta 98 H/C and WB98 H/C feature transformerless preamplifier circuitry which improves linearity across the full frequency range.
The pickup pattern provides high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise.
Its high maximum sound pressure level (SPL) enables it to handle the extreme demands of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.
The Beta98H/C features a 3 m (10 ft.) high-flex cable with attached preamplifier (XLR connection)
The WB98H/C features a 1.6 m (5.3ft) high-flex cable terminating in a 4-pin mini-connector, for use with wireless bodypack transmitters
Tailored frequency response for open, natural sound reproduction
Compact, lightweight construction provides a low degree of visibility
Gooseneck, ratcheting swivel joint and gooseneck angle brace allow for optimum placement and fixed positioning
Legendary Shure ruggedness and reliability
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Wireless GXLD1 Instrument Mic and Receiver - Shure

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