• Mute Trumpet Harmon Aluminium : Jo Ral
Designed by Joe Alessi, Trombone virtuoso and New York Philharmonic principal, this excellent line of brass mutes are the best money can buy. Jo-Ral trumpet straight mutes are a favorite of trumpet players at every level and in any discipline, from jazz players to symphonic musicians. These free-blowing mutes provide excellent intonation and are available in a range of materials to achieve varied and distinctive sounds. In addition to out unique cork pads, Jo-Ral straight mutes feature a felt cap that prevents scratching the instrument.. The entire range of Jo Ral mutes are THE best aluminium mutes available.

THE harmon mute to buy. No other harmon mute sounds as good as this one, apart from another Jo Ral harmon. The aluminium version does not have the same dark timbre as the copper Jo Ral, but at half the weight, these mutes are easier to play with.
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Mute Trumpet Harmon Aluminium : Jo Ral

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