• Keyboard Go:Keys Music Creator : Roland
Roland GO:KEYS - Music Creation Keyboard

If you're searching for a fun and exciting way to get into music, then the Roland GO:KEYS is for you! Even someone with no musical experience can jump in and build a fully produced song right away with the innovative Loop Mix function. Once you're acquainted with the GO:KEYS there's a range of pro sounds waiting for you to explore, and feel free to save your creations using the built-in recorder. Armed with the highly portable and battery operated GO:KEYS, you can take the magic of music creation with you wherever you go!

Designed for us with Smartphones
GO:KEYS uses your smartphone to access free online musical content, so you'll never run out of songs to play along with. You can also work with dedicated apps that teach you how to play the latest songs or classical pieces, or get vocal with some karaoke. And when you're ready to start creating your own music, the built-in Loop Mix function lets you jam with over 500 pro-quality onboard sounds. Compact, portable, and battery-powered, GO:KEYS can be played wherever you get the urge. A world of music is waiting for you-start the journey with GO:KEYS!

Space Saving and Portable
Not every home has the space for a full-sized piano. But thanks to GO:KEYS's compact and lightweight design, there's nothing to stop you from creating music, even when space is at a premium. Switch on your keyboard, connect to your smartphone, and you're ready to start playing, with no lengthy setup or untidy wiring. The onboard Bluetooth speakers are ideal for performance, but when you need to dial down the decibels for quieter play, GO:KEYS lets you plug in headphones and keep the fun rolling. Share between rooms and family members - this little power packed unit has been designed to move!

Don't Fear the LOOP
Looping might seem like something for more advanced musicians but it's just not so! . Even if you're playing a keyboard for the first time, the Loop Mix function lets you start creating cool music right away. Unlike other keyboards that have accompaniment features that require chord basics, Loop Mix is a fresh approach that even beginners can enjoy. By triggering loop phrases using single keys, anyone can create polished songs in real time. Drums, bass, and other instruments are easy to add to the mix, and the performance pads let you manipulate sounds like a DJ by adjusting pitch, filtering, and more. And with the onboard recorder, you can capture it all for immediate playback and sharing. Complete with Roland GO:MIXER once you've mastered some skills and capture the keyboard's great sound to your videos while you shoot.

  • Fun and inspiring keyboard for budding musicians

  • Loop Mix allows you to build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard

  • Manipulate the sounds of your loops with simple one-touch control

  • In-built song recorder with USB backup

  • Bluetooth audio/MIDI support connects to your smartphone or tablet

  • Over 500 pro-quality sounds: pianos, synths, strings, bass, brass, and more

  • Play anytime with built-in speakers or headphones

  • Lightweight, travel-ready, and runs on batteries

  • Video
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Keyboard Go:Keys Music Creator : Roland

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