• Getting To Gr 3 Bk/Cd : Milne, Elissa
Getting To - Grade Three

"The Getting to" Series, Fundamental Repertoire is a total preparation for students preparing for their exams in AMEB, ANZCA, Associated Board, NZMEB, St Cecilia, Trinity College, and others. Each book is a step-by-step graded presentation of cherished piano classics and innovative, engaging new music. Essential reading, performance, stylistic and technical skills are developed through the repertoire and additional material has been included to give students extra help with scales and listening skills. Once each grade book has been completed the aim is that the student has attained the expected proficiency for that level.

- Frolicky rollicky wind
- Hornpipe in e minor
- Sonatina
- Fleeting vision
- Wild rider
- Harmonie des anges
- Prelude in C
- Blues in two ue 16550
- Sonatina in f - 1st mvt
- The sea is angry
- Romanze
- Luck duck
- Busted tambourine
- Jazz-etudiette
- Allegretto ue 29309
- Spiritual
- Castanets
- Petite valse francaise
- Hommage a bartok
- Toccatina
- Fughetto in e minor
- Teasing song
- Study in a minor
- Festival rondo
- Diversion no.4 ue14151
- Polonaise in g minor
- Melody (ivan sings)
- Late night
- Ballade
- Sonatina in c 2nd movement
- Theory

Arrangement: Piano
Genre Piano Tutors

Getting To Gr 3 Bk/Cd : Milne, Elissa

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