• Cello String 4/4 Set Medium Blue - Jargar
The bass strings are made with brand new core material, which combines a fast an excellent tunability, unrivaled clear sound quality with a much longer shelf life. The wire is manufactured with very high silver content and offers the perfect "playing-feel".
The treble strings feature a combination of highest precision round Nylon (E1; H/B2) and our well-known Titanyl (G3) in order to achieve a balance between the bass and treble strings.

This exclusive set is intended for any muician who appreciates the quality of sound and durability. Made for instruments with scale length 65cm/25.5inch.

Trebles: Nylon precision round, plain/Titanyl, plain
Basses: Exclusive, wound
Genre Violin & Cello strings

Cello String 4/4 Set Medium Blue - Jargar

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