• Amp Bass Head Sm-1500 : Swr
Incredibly versatile, the SWR SM-1500 bass amp head from the Classic Series has two separate power modules providing an astonishing 1,500 watts (at 4 Ohms in the bridged mono mode or 750 watts per side in either stereo or dual mono), an onboard tube-driven compressor and an array of tone controls that would be right at home in the world's best studios. The SM-1500 bass head will absolutely rock the house while providing the crystal-clear, full-range tone that the world's premiere bassists have come to expect from SWR.

In addition, SWR has added a popular Bass Intensifier circuit (a boost circuit great for soloing), and a tube-driven compressor, which can be engaged before or after the EQ section of the amp. The SWR SM-1500 is simply a remarkable piece of engineering as well as an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for the serious bass player.

True to SWR tradition, the SM-1500 is an innovative bass amplifier head that is the result of decades of research and design experience, coupled with direct input from the world's greatest recording and touring bassists.


* Twin power amps with three modes of operation
* Bridge (mono) mode- = 1,500 watts @ 4-ohms
* Stereo mode- = 750 watts @ 2-Ohms (per side)
* Bi-Amp mode- with adjustable crossover frequency
* Tube preamp fueled by a 12AX7 dual triode tube
* Two front panel inputs plus one rear panel input with input select switch to accommodate multiple bass guitar setups
* World renowned SWR Aural Enhancer tone shaping
* World-class Compression with Comp Position selection
* Four Footswitch selectable features
* Bass Intensifier for maximum impact
* Boost to accent solos
* Three Semi-Parametric Equalizer configurations-choose from two independent 3-band Eq's or combine them into one 6-band EQ
* Stereo/mono Effects Loop with Effects Blend control
* Traditional Bass/Treble tone controls
* Speakon and 1/4inch speaker outputs


* Power amp minimum impedance: 4 Ohm (Bridge Mode);
* 2 Ohms per channel (Normal, Stereo, Bi-Amp Modes)
* Sensitivity: 1.2V RMS, 1kHz @ Mono Return, Effects Blend at WET, Volume at MAX
* Power output: 1500W @ 4 Ohm (Bridge Mode);
750W @ 2 Ohms per channel (Normal, Stereo, Bi-Amp Modes)
* Pre amp input impedance: >820 kOhm (Front panel Inputs);
10k Ohm (Rear panel Input)
* Sensitivity for full power: 13mV @ 1kHz, Gain and Volume at MAX, all Bass, Mid and Treble controls flat (center detent), Aural Enhancer at mid position, Effects Blend at DRY, Bass Intensifier, Compression and Boost OFF
* Tone controls bass: ±15dB @ 70Hz
* Treble: ±15dB @ 3kHz
* Variable semi-parametric EQ:
Mid 1: ±15dB @ 30Hz - 200Hz
Mid 2: ±15dB @ 165Hz - 1.1kHz
Mid 3: ±15dB @ 900Hz - 6kHz
* Compression gain reduction: -22dB maximum, selectable PRE or POST EQ
Threshold: -10dBV to +10dBV
Ratio: 1:1 to 20:1
Attack time: 10mS to 600mS
Release time: 500mS to 5.5S
* Effects loop send impedance: 220 Ohm
* Return impedance: 10k Ohm Balanced
* Balanced line out send impedance: 50 Ohm
* Active crossover response: 3-pole (18dB/octave) Butterworth
* Crossover frequency: 100Hz - 2.0kHz
* Dimensions: 5.5inchH x 19inchW x 19.5inchD
* Weight: 67 lb (30.3kg)

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Amp Bass Head Sm-1500 : Swr

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