• Acoustic Drum Trigger Rtmics : Roland
Convert Your Snare and Toms into Digital Pads for Bold Hybrid Performance

If your gigs demand more than your acoustic drums can deliver, the RT-MicS is the gateway to an inspiring new world of hybrid sounds. And if you're daunted by the prospect of a hybrid setup, rest assured that it's simple to incorporate this compact module into your acoustic kit-with no extra gear-transform your snare and tom into versatile digital pads. The RT-MicS has eight preloaded sounds-from hand-clap to snare variation-that you'll be using confidently within minutes. But for ambitious drummers, that's just the start: you could import sampled sounds from a computer via USB, use the onboard mic to capture and process the acoustic snare/tom sound, or even mix acoustic and digital sounds for a bold signature tone. Whatever your ideas, the RT-MicS is the fastest way to explore the exciting possibilities of hybrid drums.


Drum trigger, sound source, mic and mixer integrated into a single compact unit
User samples can be imported via USB
8 preloaded sounds including hand-clap and snare variations
Piezo pickup and mic-equipped for triggering electronic sounds and capturing acoustic sounds
Separate outputs for electronic sounds (via piezo pickup) and acoustic sounds (via mic)
Electronic output can be used as mix output for both electronic and mic sounds
Battery operation (006P/9V) ideal for street performance
Easy to set up, simple to operate
Download free RT-MicS Wave Sender (PC/Mac) for transferring user samples to unit


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Acoustic Drum Trigger Rtmics : Roland

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