PLEASE ASK US FOR AN EXACT QUOTE - when looking for your unique Warwick Master built bass guitar?

Not just a Legend - You can be a unique part of it!
Playing a Warwick Bass is an exceptional feeling. No matter if it is their entry level range of Rockbasses - or the Made in Germany Pro Series, aka Teambuilt Bass Guitars, as they are build by a highly skilled team of Warwick professionals and under constant supervision of a Masterbuilder Luthier in Germany.
Now imagine, getting a Warwick Bass exclusively built by a Masterbuilder, according to your unique and personal ideas - and you are entering the world of Warwick Custom Shop - Masterbuilt in Markneukirchen Germany - Bass Guitars.

You have an idea of your dream bass?

- Let us know via info@mallmusic.com.au or in store
- We'll get back to you to put some more detail to your idea
- This idea gets forwarded to Warwick in Germany
- Once your ideas are in line with what Warwick can realise, it's time to place an order
- A 20% non-refundable deposit will seal the deal and your German Warwick Luthier will start with the build
- The day your master piece arrives, we'll ask you for the remaining payment and that unique piece of perfection, art and craftsmanship will be all yours

Genre Bass Guitars

Bass Corvette $$ Custom Shop : Warwick

  • Brand: WARWICK
  • Product Code: BG000432
  • Availability: Contact Us For Availability
  • $9,999.00