• Clarinet Prodige Student Bb : Buffet
Buffet-Crampon Student Clarinet Bb Prodige

Buffet Crampon has revolutionized the student clarinet! Superseding the B12 model, the Prodige allows beginners on a budget can start out with a professional sound. Essential qualities of the Prodige clarinet are tone, ergonomics and reliability.

For the first time in this range, the required operations for creating perfect acoustics, especially the molding and drilling of the bore, are performed entirely in France and Germany to ensure a consistent result.

Prodige's new bore, inspired by the renowned E13 model, allows an unprecedented ease of play and projection of sound. The intervals between notes are pitch-perfect and balanced.

Its bell has also been entirely reworked in order to optimize projection. Our innovation: a textured bore.

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Clarinet Prodige Student Bb : Buffet

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